Production Activity in Israel:

medical cannabis supply

Medical cannabis production activity in Israel is divided into three main sections: breeding, cultivating, and manufacturing.

Operations in each section requires initial approval for cannabis activity from the Ministry of Health, which is provided only after presenting proof of compliance with several criteria.

In addition to this initial approval, a building permit is required, compliance with GACP  (IMC-GAP) conditions for growth and with GMP terms for production, and approval of the genetics being used.

The Research Institute of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, and a number of private breeders, have developed for the Israeli market unique genetics that will be used by growers in Israel.

medical cannabis supply

Research in the field of cannabis in Israel:

medical cannabis supply

The Israeli Ministry of Health issues licenses to conduct research in the field of cannabis, in the clinical field, in agriculture, in medical devices, and in humans or animals.

The Ministry’s requirements are stringent and researchers must meet various criteria, based on the proper presentation of information about the research and its purpose.

A license for clinical research in humans is not the same as a license for research and development of agricultural technology or medical equipment, but in both cases the research team, its aims, research methods, timetables and more must be properly presented to the authorities.

In order to carry out experiments, it is necessary to connect with various industry actors, such as a consulting company that will accompany the research in the scientific aspect, laboratories that conduct tests, suppliers of raw materials, lawyers for the protection of intellectual property, and more.

After approval of the Ethics Committee, it will be decided whether or not the research license is granted.

medical cannabis supply

NEWCA's consulting in Israel:

medical cannabis supply

NEWCA is a major hub in the Israeli cannabis industry, and it has been helping cultivators in Israel locate suitable properties for cannabis activity, obtain an initial license for cannabis activity, procure construction permits, and raise capital.

Cannabis cultivation requires compliance with the IMC-GAP standard, which is a strict standard for proper breeding and cultivating. Our partner, SAKAL, is part of the Control Union Certifications, and is the IMC-GAP certification body for growers.

The operation of a manufacturing plant requires compliance with the IMC-GMP standard, which is a strict standard for proper production.

Our partner- GSAP, is a validation company for the IMC-GMP certification and also ascertains that its clients comply with the EU-GMP standard. GSAP will accompany the customer even before the construction of the building, in order to provide the developer with the necessary knowledge for proper design of the building, so that it can meet the IMC GMP and EU-GMP standards.

The construction of greenhouses for cannabis cultivation is carried out by EISENBERG AGRI ltd Company, which has developed unique greenhouses for growing cannabis under controlled conditions. The company assists in locating professionals and consultants for the various stages of activity.

The processes we are involved in, provide us the ability to connect cultivators and manufacturers to the customers that are right for them.

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