NEWCA is a partnership of significant players in the field of the Israeli medical cannabis. The team includes professionals in pharmaceuticals, agriculture and quality control in Israel and other European countries.

The company’s goal is to represent the Israeli cannabis industry, linking suppliers and importers and providing services to companies interested in distributing medical cannabis grown in Israel to Europe, Canada and other relevant countries. Its products meet the quality standards and regulatory requirements of the target countries.

NEWCA’s vision is to be the direct channel for importers and distributors in the global medical cannabis industry, and to connect the Israeli medical cannabis industry to customers worldwide, and customers in Europe in particular.

The company’s guiding principle is to provide customers with maximum satisfaction in supplying the desired quantity of specified strains of cannabis, as this is NEWCA’s key to establishing long-term relationships and strong strategic partnerships.


NEWCA connects importers to the highly developed Israeli knowledge base and help clients develop their own markets. 

NEWCA provides clients with a direct connection to the entire Israeli medical cannabis industry in one place, connecting clients with more than 35 Israeli entities that are licensed to grow or manufacture cannabis products.

NEWCA is also associated with medical cannabis producers in various parts of the world, so it can meet future global demand with the most advanced products, the highest quality professional knowledge and the most appropriate customer liaisons.

NEWCA now offers dried flowers, oils, capsules and other products in the process of being developed.

NEWCA’s activity in Israel:

The company provides consulting services for growers and public companies in Israel in the field of medical cannabis.

NEWCA is a major hub in the Israeli cannabis industry and has been helping local cultivators locate suitable properties for cannabis activity and to obtain initial licenses for cannabis.

NEWCA has initiated a professional forum for all players in the Israeli cannabis industry which includes meet-ups with local actors.

Our partner – GSAP is a quality-control company for the IMC-GMP certification and also guarantees that its clients comply with EU-GMP standards. GSAP accompanies customers even before the construction of the cannabis factories, in order to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge for the proper design of the factories, so that it can meet IMC- GMP and EU-GMP standards.

The construction of greenhouses for cannabis cultivation is carried out by EISENBERG AGRI Ltd. Co (and more other Greenhouses companies), which has developed unique greenhouse structures for growing cannabis under controlled conditions.

The processes provide us with the ability to connect cultivators and manufacturers to the customers that are right for them. 

NEWCA is poised to be the primary medical cannabis exporter in Israel.

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Cultivators meet-up in Israel (May 2018)

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