NEWCA is an Israeli company that represents a wide range of high-grade and quality-controlled medical cannabis cultivators and producers, that meet the requirements of EU-GMP / IMC-GMP.

NEWCA will serve as a supply channel, connecting European importers and distributors to the Israeli and the global medical cannabis industry.

NEWCA connecting suppliers with importers globally

What we do

NEWCA Is Deeply Rooted in The Israeli Cannabis Industry, and aims to lead the medical cannabis exportation from Israel and other countries.

NEWCA will supply the global demand for high-grade medical cannabis, personalized, by offering a wide range of medical cannabis sources from Israel and other countries.

NEWCA offers its clients the opportunity to have the exact product they need for their patients in the present-as well as in the future.

NEWCA has a wide range of suppliers, cannabinoid profiles, genetics, cultivation methods, climates, and brands, so that it is able to ensure a consistent and continuous supply, with unlimited capacity.

Our experience and knowledge

NEWCA knows the cannabis industry in and out.

With its partners, NEWCA accompanies the activities of the cultivators and manufacturers and provides them with a Total Solution Model. This model includes applying for licenses, planning and building smart – climate-controlled cannabis facilities (Eisenberg Agri ltd.), quality assurance and certifications, and exporting the medical cannabis.

Our vision

Israel is well-known as a global leader of R&D in the medical cannabis field, with approximately 60 clinical trials currently being conducted in Israel-the most in the world.

A great deal of information about cannabinoid-profile/disease matching has been collected in Israel, mostly through the collaboration of cannabis producers with academic and medical institutions.

NEWCA’s vision is to be the gateway to this R&D field by connecting its clients to the cutting-edge of knowledge and research, and to the data that NEWCA itself will gradually amass.

NEWCA is the best exclusive strategic partner for medical cannabis importers and distributors

With NEWCA there is no need to depend on a single or specific supplier

The advantages of working directly with NEWCA:

medical cannabis supply


The entire Israeli and other cannabis industry is available in one place

medical cannabis supply


Access to a wide range of suppliers, cannabinoid profiles, genetics, cultivation methods, and brands

medical cannabis supply

Non-stop supply

Be connected to more than 30 Cultivators  
medical cannabis supply

Developing your market

We will help you using the Israeli experience and knowledge to educate your patients

medical cannabis supply

Strict rating of suppliers

We will not offer you
a bad medication!

medical cannabis supply


More than 250 tons of medical cannabis in 2020 & Land reserves for expansion

NEWCA can serve as trustee for the funds until the terms of the transaction are completed

                Our Partners:

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